Our Mission

The purpose and objectives of the Society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of Fayette County, to discover and collect any manorial which may help to establish or illustrate the history of the area; to provide for the preservation of such material and for its accessibility, as far as may be feasible, to all who wish to examine or study it; to co-operate with officials in ensuring the preservation and accessibility of the records and archives of the county and of its cities, town, villages, and buildings, monuments, and markers; to disseminate historical information and arouse public interest in the past; to co-operate with other active historical societies in the area.

If you have articles, stories of interest with pictures, to share with the Fayette County Historical Society, please submit by email to fayettehistoricalsociety.com. Our address is P.O.Box 193, Uniontown, Pa. 15401 and phone number is 724-439-4422 or join us on Facebook.

Board Members


Laurel Miller President: Chris Buckelew
Joyce Stewart Vice President: Bill Zinn
Vince Karolewics Secretary: Jo Lofstead
Connie Kikta Treasurer: May Kay Karolewics
Carney Rigg
Dwayne Santella
Jackie Stefanik